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This 336 is a rare one, it is a 1965 Marauder model with a 16" barrel and chambered in .35 Rem. It is collectible but would make a fantastic brush gun as well. 6.4 LBS. Reliability, ease of use ....

The Marlin 336 is the rifle that started the feud. Available in .30/30 Winchester and .35 Remington, hunters have argued for more than a half-century which one is best. Richard MannMarlin model 336C lever-action carbine.35 Remington caliber 20" Micro-Groove barrel 12 grooves 1:10" twist 6 round tubular magazine Hammer block safety American black walnut stock with cut checkering Mar-Shield finish Fluted comb Deep blued barrel Side ejection Ramp front sight with brass bead & Wide-Scan hood Adjustable semi-Buckhorn folding ...

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The Model 8 became the Model 81 and then was joined by the pump-action Models 14 and 141. Later, Remington even chambered their model 760 pump gun in .35 Remington. All of these are long gone, as are the three original Remington rimless rifle cartridges; however, the .35 Remington remains. It was first chambered by Marlin in their Model 336 in ...I tried a Hunters Supply 190 grain cast RNFP over the basic 'start' load of H4895 for 1865 fps. That bullet is advertised as 358 and suitable for 35 Rem, but it was awful in my Ballard rifled 1955 Marlin. This rifle with plant three 200 grain FTX factory loads in 4 1/2 inches at 200 yards. With the Hunters Supply 190, rested 100 yard groups ...12294 posts · Joined 2007. #14 · Dec 8, 2023. I have 3 Marlin 336's in 35 Remington. A 1966 336C that I bought new with my money from my paper route. My dad's 1974 336RC that my brother and I bought him for Christmas 1974, and a 1973 336A with the 24" barrel. Marlin brought this back in 35 Remington for only 1 year.

Write a Review. Overview Reviews Tell a Friend. Heavy 35 Remington Ammo - 220gr. JFN. (2,200fps/M.E. 2,364 ft. lbs.) 20 Round Box. ITEM 17A. The above 35 Remington velocity is taken from a real Marlin Carbine with an 18.5" barrel. Item 17A - Exterior Ballistics Charts for several Muzzle Velocities.The barrel is marked "336 RC .35 Rem". It has a 20" micro groove, round barrel, full length mag tube, pistol grip stock with white spacers at grip cap and butt plate. It's drilled and tapped and carries an "AA" serial number prefix for 1965. I have had a trawl through Brophy's book but don't see the "RC" listed as a variation. The Marlin 336 - the rest shown in the picture is one of the best I've ever used, and easy to make, I used three 12" pieces of 2x6, one cut in half at 45°, and some scrap carpet) When viewed from the levergun cartridge perspective, the .35 Remington is kind of an anachronism for the cartridges of its time. It isn't slender, highly tapered, or ... Shooting and comparing two examples of my favorite lever gun in two of America's favorite classic chamberings.

The receiver is sandblasted on the top and the bottom. My curly maple Model 336C has a traditional fold-down semi-buckhorn rear sight and a hooded brass-bead front sight. The full-length magazine holds six rounds. The hammer has a halfcock “safety notch” as well as an unobtrusive crossbolt safety. The top of the receiver is drilled and ...Pros. High quality. Ergonomic. Easy to shoot. Side ejection. Cons. Heavy trigger. Expensive. The Bottom Line. The Marlin 336 classic does the original justice, and maybe more on top. However, upgrade in quality comes at a higher price that may put it out of some shooters' reach. ….

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9 posts · Joined 2008. #1 · Nov 12, 2008. Hi all, A good friend of mine passed away several months ago, and another friend of his offered me his 1955 336RC in .35 Rem, for "a fair price". I checked with my local dealer, and he told me a fair price would be around $275, give or take $25. I passed this along to the friend, and he told me his ...63. My review of the Marlin 336 was not the end of the story for that fantastical firearm. Even before the electronic ink was dry, I was hard at work building a Cowboy Assault Rifle (CAR). I dove into the world of lever action accessories like Charlie Sheen’s nose into a bowl of coke. With the exception of quad rails, Marlin lever action ...336CS in .35 REM. Dad's favorite deer rifle , had it out for a clean and cameo last fall .He's been gone coming up on 18 years .Passed away from cancer in 59 years young no doubt from all the agent orange being around gun battery's 1966-1967 .

Best Peep sights for Marlin 336: Williams Gun Sight Marlin 336 WGRS Fire Sight Peep Set. Best Budget Option: TruGlo Marlin/Henry 336 Rifle Sight. IMAGE. PRODUCT. Top pick. XS Sight Systems Rifle Sight w/ Ghost Ring. Best overall. Better accuracy than other sights. Able to zero in on moving targets.Frankly, my sample of the Model 336 Classic indicates that these are probably the best Marlins ever produced. It is smooth, precise, accurate and has a great wood-to-metal fit. Overall, this is really a great lever action. Ruger has done a fantastic job bringing this iconic rifle back to life. If you’re a Marlin fan and are worried about the ...Shooting and showing a vintage (1952) Marlin Model 336 Texan in .35 Remington caliber. You might notice a vintage .44 Magnum, too, if you watch closely. --...

who has custody of kemia hassel son Marlin model 336C lever-action carbine.35 Remington caliber 20" Micro-Groove barrel 12 grooves 1:10" twist 6 round tubular magazine Hammer block safety American black walnut stock with cut checkering Mar-Shield finish Fluted comb Deep blued barrel Side ejection Ramp front sight with brass bead & Wide-Scan hood Adjustable semi-Buckhorn folding ... bimbo boyfriendclaudia oshry goodreads Oct 20, 2020 · Looking at a classic Marlin chambered in .35 Remington. This one is a beauty!we will be comparing the Hornady FTX, Sierra Pro Hunter 200gr. Round nose and Sp... This is a short review of the "Texan" rifle, AKA: Marlin 336 chambered in .35 Remington.For entertainment and educational purposes only! Do not try this at h... mike joy net worth Dreams combine verbal, visual and emotional stimuli into mystifying storylines. Learn about dreams, the meaning of common dreams, REM and controlling dreams. Advertisement Humans h...While I’ve waxed poetically about the 30-30, it should be mentioned that the Marlin 336 also comes in 35 Remington. 35 Remington packs power at close range and is another lever rifle round. It’s not a favorite like 30-30, but it packs a punch and delivers serious power into North American game. kay county detention centermeijer pharmacy portage rdstarved rock murders netflix The Marlin 336C is the only production rifle currently chambered in .35 Rem. That still ties it with the .358 Win. as the most popular .35-cal. cartridge, if present production rifles from...Overview of my marlin 336 lever action rifle chambered in 35 remington. I talk about what kind of bullets I shoot in it and why, from light 125gr up to 200g... one pass gym membership uhc John takes out the 35 Remington Marlin levergun for some more exercise.----- Hickok45 videos are filmed on my own private shooting range a... concrete mixers at culver'scrab smells like ammoniahinchey's chicago bar and grill menu The Marlin Model 336 is a classic deer hunting rifle. Introduced in 1948, this lever-action rifle is still wildly popular. It’s currently available chambered in .30-30 Winchester and .35 Remington. Now, with these rounds, the Marlin Model 336 isn’t much of a long-range gun. It excels, however, in short to medium ranges.